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We have just received a brand-new arrival to Firecrest Motorcycle Outfitters, one which we have been waiting on for quite a while now. We are pleased to finally reveal the Suomy Speedstar, which is now available to purchase both in-store and online.

When we first received a delivery of the new model we wanted to properly check them out, as we always do when a new helmet arrives in-store. Firstly, to see what new features have been added and secondly because we’re usually just far too excited to wait any longer.

What we did notice when checking out the Suomy Speedstar is that it carries some resemblance to various other helmets, so this week we thought we’d create a comparison post to discover the differences and similarities between the Suomy Speedstar, Shoei NXR, Shark Spartan, and AGV K5-S.

Suomy Speedstar

The brand-new Suomy Speedstar is made with an aerodynamic multi composite fibre shell which offers brilliant ventilation through its front and rear vents. Suomy also decided to add an additional spoiler at the rear in order to enhance stability.

The helmet gains an anti-fog insert and an extra wide anti-fog drop down sun visor to help protect your vision in bright sunlight. Moreover, the Speedstar has the ability to hold the class 1 Pinlock Max Visor due to its compact and streamlined visor mechanism.

One of the biggest differences in the Suomy Speedstar in comparison to the other helmets is that it’s much cheaper, but still carries many of the same excellent qualities and features that the other brands have to offer.

With the cheapest model priced at £239.99, it’s definitely a great buy. Find out more here:


The AGV K5-S is an evolution of the K5 and is made from a carbon fibre glass mix to make the shell much lighter. The helmet comes with an internal drop down sun visor, and an integrated spoiler for aerodynamic stability and performance, as well as carrying a great ventilation system which is hollowed into the shell.

Apparently, both the Suomy Speedstar and the AGV K5-S were created by the same designers which is why they may look pretty similar. According to AGV, the helmet was designed for riders that require high performance and comfort whether that be touring the open roads or out on the track.

The AGV K5-S is priced slightly higher than the Suomy Speedstar at £269.99 as standard, while other prices may vary depending on the model.

You can find the AGV K5-S range here:

Shoei NXR

The Shoei NXR is very much a sports motorcycle helmet which has been carefully designed to enhance the rider’s performance, safety, and comfort. The NXR is made from Shoei’s AIM composite carbon, aramid, and glass fibre and delivers all the best features from other Shoei sports models, to make this helmet one of the brands best.

In addition, the helmet provides an expert ventilation and airflow system, offering several intake and exhaust vents which are imperative for track riding. Like the Suomy Speedstar, the NXR features a Pinlock anti-fog visor to deliver maximum visibility at all times. With brand ambassadors such as Marc Marquez, there’s no wonder this is one of the ultimate sports helmets.

You can get your hands on an NXR helmet for as little as £369.99 or you can find out more about the Shoei NXR here:

Shark Spartan

Just like the other helmets, the Shark Spartan comes with a wide range of features to help improve the comfort and riding experience. Included in the Spartan is a Pinlock Max Visor, which is similar to the Speedstar and is much larger than a regular visor. In addition to the large pinlock visor, the helmet includes an internal sun visor and an auto seal visor.

Moreover, the Shark Spartan is made from a fibre aramid shell and carries rear upper and lower spoilers which create stability and ventilation. The Spartan is available in some awesome designs, all at very reasonable prices, starting from around £259.99. You can find more information about the Spartan here:

Helmet Features Compared

Features Suomy Speedstar AGV K5-S Shoei NXR Shark Spartan
Pinlock Max Yes No No Yes
Pinlock N/A Yes Yes N/A
Sun Visor Yes Yes No Yes
Fibre Shell Multi-Composite Fibre Multi-Composite Fibre Multi-Composite Fibre Multi-Composite Fibre
Weight 1450g 1390g 1310g 1390g
Shell Size 2 2 4 2
Sharp Rating Awaiting Review Four Stars Four Stars Awaiting Review
Fastening Double D Double D Double D Double D

Unfortunately, Sharp have only reviewed the Shoei NXR and AGV K5-S, where both received four stars. We are currently waiting for Sharp to test the Shark Spartan, and of course because the Suomy Speedstar is new, this will take a little longer to carry out.

If none of these helmets take your fancy, why not check out some of the other great helmets we stock:


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