Reward Points

    What are FIRECREST Reward Points?


    Welcome to the future of motorcycle clothing - we want to reward our customers and help you when you shop with us!

    The FIRECREST Reward Points program is our easy to use, unique customer reward program, which benefits our customers by building cash back towards their next purchase!  Each product earns a certain number of points, and these points equate to a discount amount that you can use with your next purchase at FIRECREST.

    How do I get Rewards Points?

    You can only accumulate and use FIRECREST Reward Points if you Register An Account, and are logged into that account.

    To check your Reward Points balance at any time, log into your FIRECREST account.

    You can accumulate reward points for many actions on the site, like registering your FIRECREST account, posting product reviews, subscribing to our FIRECREST awesome newsletter, referring friends, sharing to your Facebook or other social media, and so on. Reward Points cannot be used in conjunction with any discount code, special sale price or other promotion.

    Get cash back on your future purchases when you start earning FIRECREST Reward Points!


    Gain Your FIRECREST Reward Points Now Your Reward *

    Register Your Account      

    100 Points
    Review A Product
    100 Points
    Sign Up to FIRECREST Awesome News
    50 Points

    Purchase Products              

    100 Reward Points = £2

    200 Reward Points = £4

    500 Reward Points = £10

    1000 Reward Points = £20

    2500 Reward Points = £50

    5000 Reward Points = £100

    ...and so on!

    See Individual Products For Details
    Share On Social Media
    50 Points

    * 50 points to each £1 GBP.

    Please note that you must be logged into your Account to gain Reward Points. Points cannot be added retrospectively.                         


    Other Terms and Conditions:
    Only Registered FIRECREST customers can use the Reward Points program, and users must be logged into their account to accumulate points. Points cannot be accumulated when not logged in, and cannot be added retrospectively.
    FIRECREST reserve the right to alter, change, or close our Reward Points program at any time. Reward Points cannot be redeemed as cash or any other payment type, and have no transferable monetary cash value. Reward Points can only be used on the FIRECREST website against valid products, and cannot be transferred and shipping charges are not included in the program. FIRECREST Reward Points may not be used in combination with any other promotion or discount code of any sort, nor can they be used against a price-match transaction.

    Product reviews using registered accounts that have no purchase history with FIRECREST, or purchase history with unrelated products to those reviewed, will be limited to a maximum of two genuine product reviews, any further reviews will be regarded as spam and will not be approved.
    Returned purchases will have their corresponding Reward Points deducted, and if those Reward Points have already been redeemed against another purchase before return, FIRECREST reserve the right to deduct the corresponding amount from your payment method, or cancel your order.