Abus protect your pride and joy

    Abus have been making security locks for over 80 years, building up a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in anti-theft devices. This knowledge has been applied to everything you need to protect your motorcycle including disc locks, alarmed locks, chains, wall and ground anchors. The Abus factory has been the development ground to some of the very latest anti-theft systems for motorcycles, such as the innovative X-Plus anti-tamper locking barrel, and alarmed disc locks with 3D position movement sensors. Every security aspect of Abus locks are rigorously and extensively tested in the factory using heavy cutting tools, ice-sprays, and power blows to ensure Abus locks will protect your motorcycle.

    The Abus level System is a guide to help you to choose the correct lock for your intended use. The evaluation is based on 3 factors: 75% for evaluating security and resistance to attacks, 20% is used for evaluating ease of use, and 5% is used for evaluating design. Abus locks are graded and placed in one of three categories: Standard, Extra, or Maximum security. For the best security for your motorcycle, look further than the Abus motorcycle locks range at Firecrest.